grinding device patents

grinding device patents

EPA1 Grinding device Google Patents

To reduce the size of a device and improve machining precision. A grinding device is equipped with a bed 1 a first slide portion 101 that is configured to be reciprocally movable on a straight line in a horizontal direction on the bed 1 a second slide portion 102 that is placed on this first slide portion 101 and is configured to be reciprocally movable on a straight line in a horizontal

FOSS Patents Dusseldorf Regional Court stays Nokia patent case

1 day agoIn case no. 4c O 64/22 Nokia is asserting EP on a "method for secure operation of a computing device." It s a nonstandardessential patent. Nokia is asserting this patent in Mannheim too but against OPPO itself. The Dusseldorf decision is not binding on the Mannheim Regional Court but may have a persuasive effect (though the

US Patent for Grinding device Patent (Patent # 11 291 335 issued April

Justia Patents By A Rotary Foodentering Member US Patent for Grinding device Patent (Patent # 11 291 335) Grinding device . Jan 19 2020 TSANN KUEN (ZHANGZHOU) ENTERPRISE CO. LTD. A grinding device includes a grinding mechanism a driving mechanism capable of driving the grinding mechanism to operate and a grinding seat located between the

USA Grinding device Google Patents

USA USDA USA US A US A US A US D A USD A US DA US A US A US A Authority US United States Prior art keywords grinding burr groove hood grinding device Prior art date Legal status (The legal status is an assumption and is not a legal conclusion.

US Patent for Grinding device Patent (Patent # 4 744 178 issued May 17

A hand held grinding device for sharpening drill bits comprises a pair of bearing members which rotatably support a grinding wheel fast on a shaft. Portion of the shaft is engagable with the chuck of a drill. A guide plate with grooves for various size ranges of drill bits is hingedly connected to the bearing members by a plastics hinge. The grooves direct the drill bit to the grinding wheel

Patenting Softwarebased Medical Devices (Part 2) PatentNext

Dec 29 2021Patenting Softwarebased Medical Devices (Part 2) By Ryan N. Phelan on December 29 2021. PatentNext Summary Softwarebased medical devices that focus on "data processing" can be patented. However a patent practitioner should exercise care when drafting such claims. Otherwise patent eligibility issues can arise.

Wet Grinding Dispersing Equipment Wet Milling And Disersing Device

DELTAVITA® 15 300. ZETA® grinding system with improved centrifugal separation system using small grinding media. The smallest grinding media from mm mm for reduction to the nanometer range. Scalability. Doubleacting mechanical seal. Safe simple and clean operation. Variablespeed drive via frequency inverter.

US Patent for Grinding device Patent (Patent # 4 744 178 issued May 17

A hand held grinding device for sharpening drill bits comprises a pair of bearing members which rotatably support a grinding wheel fast on a shaft. Portion of the shaft is engagable with the chuck of a drill. Justia Patents US Patent for Grinding device Patent (Patent # 4 744 178) Grinding device . Sep 25 1986

Research on the method of skateboard edge grinding by combination of

The paper presents a method of robot skateboard edging grinding based on pneumatic constant force device. To solve the problem of modeling and complex algorithm of robot end active compliance control during the grinding process a hybrid position/force control is proposed by controlling position and force separately. That is a kind of 2 degrees of freedom pneumatic constant force grinding

USA Grinding and polishing machine Google Patents

grinding support Prior art date Legal status (The legal status is an assumption and is not a legal conclusion. Google has not performed a legal analysis and makes no representation as to the accuracy of the status listed.) Priority to FRA priority patent/FRB2/fr Application filed by Esco SA

Device for passively removing a target component from blood or lymph of

Devices systems and methods for controlling or modulating the levels of one or more target components in the blood and/or lymph of a vertebrate subject. Target components may include ibogaine. Post navigation

Patent activity related to cybersecurity decreased in the medical

6 days agoThe global medical industry experienced a 16 decline in the number of cybersecurityrelated patent applications in Q3 2022 compared with the previous quarter. The total number of cybersecurityrelated grants dropped by 11 in Q3 2022 according to GlobalData s Patent Analytics.

Medical Devices United States Patent and Trademark Office

PATENTS INCLUDED IN THIS REPORT. This report provides a very generalized profile of patent activity in the medical and health industries. This Patent Technology Monitoring Team (PTMT) Report profiles patent activity for patents granted between 01/01/1996 and 12/31/ source of the data used for this report is the TAF database maintained by the Patent and Trademark Office.

USB1 Grinding device Google Patents

A grinding device includes a storage base having a storage cavity a grating member having a plurality of passage holes a grinding handle having an actuating portion and a grinding cavity at least one grinding member provided in the grinding cavity. The grinding member includes a protruding body protruding in the grinding cavity and extending in a radial direction of the grinding handle and

The patent protection conundrum facing producers of AIenabled software

One argument available for patent owners is that their claims provide a technical improvement to the technology in question ( the computer or medical device). If a patent claim "improve s

Indian medical device sector insights from patent filing trends

In this study patent application filing trends in India for the last decade () were analysed to understand the medical device patent filing profile. As India is the key emerging market with huge market potential this study was also undertaken to identify the top medical device companies filing patents in India the niche technology domains with maximum filings key gaps in medical

Bynd Cannasoft stock falls amid EZG device patent filing for double

1 day agoBynd Cannasoft stock falls 18 amid EZG device patent filing for double faceted condom. Dec. 01 2022 12 15 PM ET BYND Cannasoft Enterprises Inc. (BCAN) By Ravikash SA News Editor 1 Comment.

Do Not Underestimate the Value of Design Patents In A Medical Device IP

The US Patent Act allows inventors to patent many types of inventions. In general 35 §101 covers what are generally called "utility" patents and §171 governs what are called design respect to new medical devices many inventors underestimate the value and patentability of design features that go beyond aesthetics of their medical device innovations.

Looking for 400k to finish go to market for twice patented fertility device

Ideal customer profile is extremely broad from women the ages of 2040 looking to get pregnant and avoid the US average month wait time to see an OBGYN. Estimated customer life 34 months. Pricing model is SaaS based for the app that connects to the hardware at around 260 a month for the fertility product.

Coffee Making Machine With Grinding Device and Centrifuge Drum

A coffee maker having a grinding mill and an extraction basket in coaxial relation in which the extraction basket includes a cylindrical perforated region. The coffee ground in the mill is supplied to the basket and thereafter when hot water is supplied to the basket and the basket is rotated the ground coffee forms a layer about the cylindrical perforated region and the hot water passes

Grinding device crossword puzzle clue

Grinding device is a crossword puzzle clue that we have spotted 1 time. There are related clues (shown below). There are related clues (shown below). Referring crossword puzzle answers

The Interplay Between the FDA Regulatory Process for Medical Devices

For medical devices patent law and FDA regulatory review processes can have considerable interplay. Previously we provided a brief overview of the FDA regulatory scheme of medical devices to provide the context for patent considerations. In this article we discuss some implications 510(k) submission may have on medical device patent rights and patent infringement and conclude with some

USA Device for adjusting grinding disks Google Patents

USA Roll grinding machine and method. USA Device for adjusting grinding disks. USA Speed control mechanism for grinding machines. USA Grinding machine. USA Tapering mechanism for rollgrinding machines.

US Patent for Grinding device Patent (Patent # 9 137 955 issued

Justia Patents Stump Removing US Patent for Grinding device Patent (Patent # 9 137 955) Grinding device . Oct 22 2010. A grinding system including a pilot bit and a base having teeth extending from the base. The pilot may have a tapered crosssection threads to control the rate at which it engages an object and a flute to facilitate the

Single Quantum Emitter Single Photon Source and Producing a Single

Sep 7 2022patent description The invention is an integrated photonic device which allows production of a pure stream of onchip waveguidebound indistinguishable singlephotons from the resonance fluorescence of a single quantum emitter embedded in a multimode onchip waveguide for which the quantum emitter is excited by onchip waveguidebound resonant

Handguided grinding or sanding device

A handguided grinding device (1) carries out a planar grinding motion and is mounted on a motordriven grinding disk (2). The grinding disk (2) is mounted on a shaft extending outwardly from a central housing (4) of the device located axially above the grinding disk (2) and serving to accommodate a transmission unit and a motor.

Medical Procedures Pharma Patents In The USTT Consultants

Nov 3 2022Yes. Pharma or medical patents fall under the category of utility patents. Considering their health impact on the public pharma patents receive two protections one from the Food Drug Administration and another from the USPTO. Here we explore the pharma patents in correlation with the USPTO patent grant.